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EssenSky the School of Healing & Natural Therapies created classes that will support you to become the best version of yourself and give treatments that change lives.

This Accredited Holistic Massage Therapy course is quite unique as it offer both online and physical classes for you to achieve your course in the best way possible and it touches on the whole of a person

You are going to learn the basics to connect with your client as well as learning how to release muscles tension and blocked energy. This course will enable you to understand the foundations of holistic massage and be able to provide a full body massage focusing on relaxation & deeper techniques. This certificate of massage is called holistic because at EssenSky we believe that our physical health is a manifestation of our thoughts and experiences, so to treat and rebalance the body we must acknowledge the many non-physical factors affecting wellness, as well as the physical symptom.

This course is perfect for you if you have a calling toward healing touch and a desire to work with clients to achieve wellness.

What this accredited course will bring to your life:

  • Self awareness and wellbeing to connect with yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically
  • Healing concept to connect, transform, release and disconnect
  • Techniques to give authentic and individualised care for people
  • Procedures for a healthy lifestyle and safe environment
  • Step by step guide how to build a successful holistic practice
  • A different approach to health and wellbeing
  • Connection with beautiful people who share the same passion
  • A new career in alternatives therapies
  • Accredited certification that allow you to practice worldwide

Your Holistic Massage Therapy course include:

  • 12 online training modules with videos, audio, assignments, case study and support based on the body systems, contraindications, client care, tension and emotional release, aromatherapy, personal care as well as professional development.
  • 3 individual guidance sessions (Expiry date: 12 months after the last day of your retreat)
  • 5 Day Retreat to develop your skills even further, a total immersion into what you have been learning, and your final practical exam to get certified.

As you know it is really vital to us that we meet and give you all the tools you need to become a professional in healing and natural therapies so that is why the retreat has been developed as part of the final exam and is essential for the qualification.

We want to be able to interact with you and feel how you work to make sure you are confident in all the different aspects of the course. It is important that we see you to ensure you can deliver to your clients what you learned from us with your touch, your soul and your point of difference.

The 5 Day Retreat:

Your 5 Day Retreat is a moment of connection and integration for all the skills you leaned online.

What is include:

  • 6 nights accommodation on twin share basis
  • Opening night ceremony
  • 6 Organic wholefood Breakfast
  • 11 fresh organic wholefood meals
  • 5 morning tea
  • 6 afternoon tea
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Daily meditation, walk and exercise
  • 4 Day afternoon workshops (Soy Candles Making, Business Development, Pregnancy Massage and introduction to main channels and acupressure points)
  • 1 afternoon ceremony graduation
  • 4 Day morning class
  • 1 Day morning exam
  • Swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi

What is exclude:

  • Travel insurance
  • Airfare
  • Visa
  • Personal expenses
  • Airport transfer

Your Instructor

Julie Routier
Julie Routier

I am the light that comes from the sky, I am the child that is born of the universe, I am the roots that hold the tree grounded in the earth, I am unconditional love, I am unique, I am me…

Hello and welcome,

I am Julie Routier the founder of Essensky the School of Healing and Natural Therapies and an Energetic Healer. I am so excited to share my story and mission with you. It is my background combined with my experiences that brings me here today. I have been a holistic practitioner for many years now and have had so much satisfaction in guiding many beautiful souls on their journey to health and healing. This has made my life incredible - and I am now sharing my skills with others.

Let me share with you a bit of myself... I left my home country of Belgium in 2007 and have been enjoying living in Aotearoa since 2010 and gained my citizenship in 2018 which I am so grateful for. The person I am today, believe as much about the physical and energetic side of the body, because of my childhood and my life journey, to me it is so important that we align both systems to be balanced. The connection I had with the other world, growing with it and understanding what others could not see, sense or ear is why I am guiding people in that journey and give tools that will serve them in their life.

I have a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, nutrition as I study dance and became a professional at age seventeen and developed skills I use in my practice today. After that, I trained to become an assistant nurse as I have always been interested in health and working on the body. This study furthered my knowledge of the human form in regards to nutrition, psychology, biology, and anatomy. Then, I became a massage therapist to understand how to work with the psychic side of me which opens the door to my healing abilities and that has been incredible.

In 2012, at 24 years of age, I established myself as a therapist, at the same time I created and developed my own organic and natural health center that I ran successfully for 7 years in Wellington. With time I began to understand why I was so drawn to this art, and why my appointments were booked out far in advance with a long waiting list. I discovered what differentiates my work, was that I was able to feel the energy blockages in the body and guide their release. This kept my clients returning, it gave me a long list of referrals and as a response, my clinic grew into a multi-therapist health centre.

While developing my business, I learned how to train my therapists these nuanced skills essential for a holistic clinic. I did this because until now, I always felt there was something missing in the way many therapists are taught. The energetic aspect is the underlying element that ensures you meet your client’s needs, and that they return as loyal clients. Getting the balance between the energetic and physical aspects of a treatment, makes the perfect mix.

Working with, and experiencing the practices of many therapists has shown me that there is a gap of understanding in this area. I have always been helping others from a young age and I feel that educating about how to provide treatments that address the body, mind, spirit, and soul - is my purpose. This was confirmed when in February 2018 I received the message to open a school and share my knowledge with those drawn to the path of healing.

This was a very strong message given to me and since then, I have typed up and filmed all the techniques needed to become a holistic practitioner in massage, facial and energy healing therapy and because of all that I have gained over these years, I am now able to hold this space for people. My knowledge available to be shared with others so that they become the being they are meant to be, either on a personal level or professionally by joining my school that is both online and physical. This course is not only teaching them effective and healing skills, but it also guides them to find their true self and align them to their life purpose.

Course Curriculum

  Introduction to the course
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start the course?
The first part is a completely self-paced online course that you can start at any time. We do recommend at least 3 months of study before attending any retreat meaning you will have learned all the modules, set your online assignments and done your case study before you come to the retreat. However, we know that everyone has a different study pace so we are willing to take this matter as a case by case scenario.
When does the course finish?
After the 5 Day Retreat final practical exam and when all the modules, assignments and cases study have been successfully achieved.
How long for do I have access to the online course?
You will have a lifetime access to the online course. We want you to be able to go back in your course as many time as you like after your certification so you will have unlimited access to the online course.
What happen if I need to cancel my course?
At EssenSky we really believe that everything happens for a reason, the connection between the immense universe and ourselves is incredible and brings us to where we need to be at the right time. So if you have been drawn to us and purchase this course it is important that you commit and go deeper to discover your true self, know that we will be with you all along the way in that process. If you cancel your course with EssenSky the School of Healing and Natural Therapies, depending on when you cancel, cancellation penalties will apply. You have to realise that you have been taking part of a professional course and that a portion of your payment has been used to pay your 5 Day Retreat so that is why we are very strict with our policies and that exceptions will not be made for any reason. Fees are determined by the following schedule: -If you cancel more than 90 days before your retreat start date, 50% of your payment will be refund and your access to the online course will automatically be denied. -If you cancel less than 90 days before your retreat start date, your course will be non-refundable and your access to the online course will automatically be denied.
What happen if I am unable to come to the retreat?
When you decide to take this course it is essential that you commit and come to the retreat you choose in the beginning to be fully qualified. The 5 Day Retreat will be a time of total immersion into what you have been learning online and your chance to become a qualified Holistic Massage Therapist after have successfully achieved your final exam.
What happen if I fail my final exam?
We reserve the right to stop anybody that we think is inappropriate for this type of role or does not show any competency. That said, we provide a very high level of support and aim to ensure everyone receives the assistance they need for graduating and if someone show potential but need more time then we will offer the possibility for that student to re-attend the final exam day of a later retreat.
Can I legally work as a Holistic Massage Therapist after taking this certificate?
Our accredited courses qualify you to work legally worldwide and to get professional insurance which we strongly recommend.
Outside the accredited course, are there any additional costs?
The course fee includes your online course and your 5 Day Retreat. The only additional expenses are: the material you will need for your treatment that will be specified after enrollment and that you will use in your everyday practice, one book that I recommend strongly: The Trail Guide to the body from Andrew Biel and your travel expenses.
What is the unique aspect of your course?
We developed courses that focuses on what a holistic practitioner will be facing in real life as we experienced that a lot of essential aspect of what a therapist should know is often missing in and so relevant to apply in your daily basis practice. We have take our attention as much on the theoretical than practical side of your future role as you need both to give effective treatment. Also, the essence of our school is to use only natural and certified organic products, which are all sourced sustainably and often locally. This sustainable, organic philosophy is a keystone to EssenSky and the emphasis on care of people as a whole, defines us as a progressive and holistic training program. We created classes that will support you to become the best version of yourself and give treatments that change lives.
What happen if I do not finish my online course prior to the retreat?
You will attend the retreat and be able to continue and finish all the modules, assignments and case study on your own time. Note that you will only be graduate when all of the course modules, assignments, cases study and retreat are successfully achieved.
How many hours are expected for the full course?
For the Holistic Massage Therapy online course section it will require approximately 120 to 150 E-learning and assignments depending on your study pace, and then 24 hours of self-directed practice as per the following 6 clients x 2 with one hour protocols each and written up case studies ( arrange time for approximately 1 hour 30 delivery + 30 minutes write-up per case study). Then you are going on a 5 Day Retreat for full immersion with approximately 12-15 hours hands-on tutorial training on different case study clients, approximately 10-12 hours additional workshops training and approximately 3-4 hours final practical exam.
How many student do we need for the retreat to go ahead?
We required a minimum of 4 students for the retreat to go ahead. In the case of an insufficient number, you will be moved to the next retreat available or a one on one hands-on tutorial will be organised for you at the same cost than the initial group retreat as it will be a private course.
What if I want to attend few retreat to deepen my skills?
We are welcoming anyone to attend a second retreat to deepen their skills and discover new aspect of their course. Please contact us directly to request your retreat fees and destination.
Until which date can I redeem my individual guidance sessions?
We want you to know that we are here for you during your entire course and as we want you to feel supported even after your graduation if you still have some individual guidance sessions to redeem these will be accepted up to 12 months after your final retreat date.
When will I know the retreat dates and the destination?
As the first part of our course is online you will be able to start directly and when we have a minimum of students in the course we will plan the dates of the retreat for your course. We will always make sure to give you enough notice then you have plenty of time in advance to organise your trip. The destination will be within New Zealand at this stage, check our previous retreat destinations. In the case you are unable to come to the retreat dates, you will be moved into the next retreat available or a one on one hands-on tutorial will be organised for you at the same cost than the initial group retreat as it will be a private course.

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